The Griffiths Family

Category: Builders

Induction Year: 1995

The Griffiths family name has been synonymous with hockey on the West Coast for well over two decades. Frank A. Griffiths was born on December 17, 1916, in Burnaby. In 1974, he founded and developed Northwest Sports Enterprises Limited. Through his company, Griffiths purchased the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Club from the Minnesota-based Medicor on May 2 of that year.

Joining the NHL Board of Governors in 1974, Griffiths was appointed Vice-Chairman of the National Hockey League and named a member of the National Hockey League Audit Committee in 1979. With ownership taking a greater interest in the management of its hockey club, Frank Griffiths appointed his son Arthur R. Griffiths to the position of Assistant to the Chairman of the Vancouver Canucks in 1981.

Many wondered aloud what sort of impact the then-23-year-old Arthur would have on the hockey team, but he quickly proved his mettle. One of Arthur’s first tasks was the negotiation of a new long-term lease for the Canucks at the Pacific Coliseum. He also played a large role in the planning and construction of General Motors Place in downtown Vancouver.

In addition to his duties with the team, Arthur Griffiths was also actively involved at the league level as a member of the NHL’s Marketing / Public Relations Committee. While Frank and Arthur Griffiths have garnered most of the media spotlight with the Canucks because of their positions on the board of directors, the running of the team has been a true family affair.


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