Frank Lento

Category: Builders

Induction Year: 2010

Frank Lento served as a teacher, or administrator for the past 41 years and was recently elected Board Chair for the school district of southeast Kootenay, is very passionate about ice hockey and has served as the Ice Hockey Chair of the 2010 Olympic Bid Committee and as past Chair of Hockey Canada.

In many of his introductory remarks, Lento acknowledges the important contributions of being a volunteer and congratulates any person on their election and their willingness to serve on boards or committees for the betterment of children either in hockey or education. He likened the hockey associations to a “great ship” that is driven “not by the sails, but the unseen wind”, in the form of coaches, trainers, managers, association directors and other support staff.

Hearkening back to his experience with “ programs of excellence “ in hockey, Lento challenges the associations to stretch their thinking to strive to make the programs the goal of steadily improving the achievement of our players with the main focus on fun.

With many National and International experiences related to hockey, Frank Lento looks forward to assisting the B.C. Games Society is growing stronger as a policy Board and also was a contributor to the bid of 2010 as a Mission staff member at the Nagano Olympic Games. Frank’s expertise and his ability to form and participate as a volunteer in many ventures in the sport of hockey outside his workplace is a person sought after as the list below shows years of dedication.

Hockey Canada: Chair 2010 Bid Committee Ice Hockey ( changing men’s venue to GM Place) Hockey Canada: 2001 Hockey Canada Order of Merit Ice Hockey Hockey Canada: Served as a Director to the COA Hockey Canada: Served as a member of both HC and BC’s National Appeals Board Hockey Canada: Served as a past member Hockey Canada’s National Parent Committee (contributing workshops and Parents of Value resource) IIHF: Director for Hockey Canada (contributed to negotiations with the NHL and IIHF regarding Canada’s participation in the Nagano Olympics PLUS author of Fair Play Page 2 HC Playing Rules also used by IIHF) Hockey B.C: Past President Hockey B.C: Chair and contributor BC Schools program (introducing students to the game of hockey) Hockey B.C: Provincial Sport Advisor for hockey to the BC Games Hockey B.C: Initiated Programs implementation workshops, Risk Management and Insurance program, framework for Strategic Planning, Restructuring and Governance reports for Hockey BC and HC President: Western Women’s Hockey League( contributed a business plan for teams and groundwork for amalgamating with the National Women’s League to compete for the Clarkson Cup) Frank Lento is a definite candidate for induction into the (Builders Category) of the BC Hockey Hall of Fame.


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